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The MICRO is our first product with a 32 bit microcontroller, and is fully packed with the following features:

  • Microcontroller: 32-Bit (RP2040)
  • 18x I/Os in a minimal form factor
    • 6x Analog Inputs (24 Bits resolution)
    • 4x Analog or Digital Inputs (12 Bits resolution)
    • 8x Outputs (Half Bridge, max. 3A per channel, PWM)
      • Built-in Current Sensor for output current monitoring
      • Adjustable output current limit from 0.5A to 3A
  • Cryptography: ECC608 Crypto Chip
  • Communication: RS485
  • Networking: Ethernet Port with W5500 from Wiznet


€199.00 Regular Price
€195.02Sale Price
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